​​​​Sleep Coaching

Newborn & Expectant Parent Education

You’ve been thrown into the deep end!

 Daily care for your newborn can be intimidating. Baby gear, feeding methods, nursery preparation, sleeping arrangements, pacifier and bottle decisions, this can all be very overwhelming.

Through CP Baby Consultant, you’ll build confidence and gain the knowledge you need for those first few months of your baby’s life.

Are you experiencing tantrums, meltdowns, or daily battles over morning and bedtime routines?

Through CP Baby Consultant, you will receive practical and effective tools to implement right away with your toddler.

CP Baby Consultants will give you the assurance you need to handle any of your childrearing dilemmas and restore sanity to your home.

​​Toddler/ Parent Consulting

CP Baby Consultant understands that there are not textbook, cookie cutter answers to parenting dilemmas.

Each family is unique and deserves specialized advice. Your baby does not have to be left to “cry it out” when it comes to sleep training.

Together, let’s derive a plan that is in line with your parenting style, as well as, your child’s temperament.

Are you ready for your baby to start sleeping through the night?